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Budget Website Design Monthly Hosting Maintenance & Backups - Exceptional Service

Template-based website packages designed for businesses who don’t need a more customized website solution or advanced functionality.

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starting at


+ $100/month for hosting & care plan.

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starting at


+ $100/month for hosting & care plan.



starting at


+ $100/month for hosting & care plan.

All sites include:

  • Template-based designs built in WordPress & Elementor
  • Branded with your company logo and colors
  • Simple contact form
  • Social media icons
  • 1 round of design revisions
  • Mobile friendly
  • Healthy website hosting
  • SSL security certificate on site
  • Regular security scans
  • Daily cloud site backups
  • Software updates as needed
  • Monthly reporting
  • Additional features available as add-ons (below)

Client hosting with us is included in the pricing.

The monthly fee is for your Hosting + Care Plan Service.

The client must provide the content and images in advance, unless we are providing creative services at an additional cost.

These prices are limited to the website build, monthly hosting, and monthly website care plan and upkeep for security. It does NOT include SEO or digital marketing services, but these can be purchased separately if needed. All recurring charges will be billed to your credit card each month.

Custom Website Design Starting at $7,000

Custom pricing is required for the following types of websites:
eCommerce/Shopping • Online Communities • Membership Sites • Custom Applications
Sites with 3rd Party Integrations • Sites with Advanced Features of Functionality

Optional Website Design Package Featured Add-Ons

All packages shown on this page are for basic informational and/or brochure-style websites only. Client meetings and consultations are conducted by phone or online only.

Unless specified otherwise, all text/body copy and images must be supplied by the client. We can supplement or source any images that the client does not have from our stock photography collection.

Training for security plugins, SEO plugins, Google Analytics, or WordPress itself is not included in the price. For that type of training, you can hire us at a standard hourly rate, or you can find free and low cost online tutorials for these tools. There are plenty of options out there.

These packages do not include shopping cart/eCommerce functionality, API integration with third-party vendors, custom programming, custom scripts, database integration, or any other custom website functionality.

Additionally, logo design, customized branding packages, content writing, SEO, digital marketing, social media marketing, and keyword research are not included. These services are available for additional cost.

All monthly fees must be billed to a valid credit card on an auto-recurring basis. It is the client’s responsibility to keep an updated credit card on file for billing.

To find out what’s included and what’s not, read through the FAQs below. If you need something with additional features and functions, please contact us for a custom quote.

Need Some Clarification?

Frequently Asked Questions

TAF offers template-based website packages designed for businesses seeking a cost-effective solution without advanced customization or functionality requirements. Our packages include options for 5-page, 7-page, and 10-page websites, each tailored to suit different needs and budgets.

Our budget website design packages include template-based designs built in WordPress & Elementor, branded with your company logo and colors, a simple contact form, social media icons, one round of design revisions, mobile-friendly design, SSL security certificate, regular security scans, daily cloud backups, software updates, and monthly reporting. Additionally, hosting with us is included in the pricing.

TAF's budget website design packages start at $2,250 for a 5-page website, $3,225 for a 7-page website, and $4,050 for a 10-page website. These prices include the website build, monthly hosting, and monthly website care plan for security. The monthly fee covers Hosting + Care Plan Service.

While our budget packages include essential features, additional functionalities are available as add-ons. These may include SEO services, digital marketing, or specific customizations beyond the standard package offerings. Clients can customize their packages based on their specific needs.

TAF also offers custom website design starting at $7,000 for specialized projects such as eCommerce/shopping sites, online communities, membership sites, custom applications, sites with 3rd party integrations, or those requiring advanced features or functionality. Custom pricing is tailored to the complexity and requirements of each project.

TAF's budget website design packages offer a streamlined and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to establish a professional online presence. With template-based designs, essential features, and reliable hosting and maintenance, our packages provide exceptional value and convenience.

Our Hosting + Care Plan Service includes hosting for your website on our servers, regular security scans, daily cloud backups, software updates as needed, SSL security certificate installation, and monthly reporting. This comprehensive service ensures the security, performance, and reliability of your website.

Yes, clients have the option to add extra features or functionalities to their budget website design packages as needed. These may include SEO services, digital marketing tools, custom integrations, or specific design elements beyond the standard package offerings. We tailor the packages to suit your unique requirements.

Recurring charges for budget website design packages, including hosting and care plan services, are billed monthly to your credit card. Our pricing is transparent and includes all essential services for website maintenance and security, ensuring a hassle-free and reliable online presence for your business.

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